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A&M Basement Waterproofing

We fix it right the first time



Winter to Spring Advice

Posted on January 13, 2014 at 4:05 PM

The cold, snow and ice is a beautiful time of year...for about a week. After record snow and brutally painful temperatures more problems can persist. This weekend will be the PERFECT time to check your basement! The moderate temperatures this weekend will indicate any wintry abuse to your foundation. Check for signs of water intrusion. The freezing temperatures will soon return, and the water that has seeped into your foundation cracks will chill once again, slowly chiseling away at the cement.


First things first. Check your sump pump! A failed sump pump will flood your basement faster than (reply with your own hilarious anecdote in the comment section) a cheetah that used Red Bull instead of water when brewing his coffee.


Check the walls. Do you notice any new or expanding cracks? It is wise to give attention now as opposed to waiting for a disaster to happen.


Anthony at A & M Basement Waterproofing can save further damage from your basement.


He provides a FREE estimate and is completely honest with his advice and services. 586-864-2090.


PS. Visit A & M at the Home Improvement Show in Novi January 24-26.

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